WE are providing one of the finest Homestay and Serviced Apartment in the world with all services and facilities. These are fully furnished. 

Coupons T & C:

We are offering 5% money refund via coupon which you can use in your next visit.

​1. You must book with us directly. Booking will not be through any agent or any 3rd party.

2. What so ever you spend on your stay (without food, without GST and other services) a 5% will be given back to you in form of the coupon? 

3. You can take discount against this coupon in your next visit/ stay. Validity of coupon is 365 days from the day coupon is given.

  4. This coupon will not be redeemed in form of the cash.

  5. You cannot offer this coupon to anyone else. It must be used only by you and your family.

  6. Offer can be withdrawn any time or changed with similar or different type of offer.

  7. In addition, we have other schemes too like you stay with us for 15 days, we will give you 1 day free. 

  8. Various offers cannot be clubbed. We will give the highest discount

  9. Discount coupons will only be given to those who will pay us full amount as listed against the apartment

  on the website.

  Other Offers:

  1. You stay with us for minimum 10 days, we will give you a discount of 5% on MRP. Prices may vary every month. Certain conditions    may also apply.

   2. Various offers can not be clubbed.

All offers are:


a. Non Transferable